We are a 50+ group eager to share faith, fun, and fellowship.  Anyone 50 and older can be a Perennial!  For more information or to be added to group emails, see Tammy Snyder. 


Upcoming Events:

Please consider joining us for as many activities as you are able. Don’t feel as though you need to make every event in order to participate!

Sunday, February 4, following church services, we will share lunch together.  The meat (Smoked BBQ Pork) and drinks will be provided.  Please bring a side dish to share.  After our lunch, we will play a game of Yankee Swap.  (You can ask someone who participated last year about this game.  It’s a fun one!) Please bring one gift for each person in your group who wants to play. Your gift should cost somewhere between $10 and $15 or so.  Gag gifts are a lot of fun!  Just be sure that it is something everyone will enjoy having. Christmas re-gifting is definitely welcome!   See below.

In a Yankee Swap exchange, each person brings one wrapped and unlabeled gift, to be placed on a table or under the tree. Participants are then each given a number. Each person chooses a random gift and opens it according to the order of the number they were given. Each new gift recipient then gets to choose if they wish to keep their present or exchange it with someone else for any of the other gifts that were previously opened. Once all the unwrapping and swapping is done, the first person gets the final choice of whether to keep their gift, or swap for any of the others. At this point, everyone gets to keep whatever gift they are holding.  From USA Today

Saturday, April 27th Bird in Hand Family Restaurant Smorgasbord and Show- A trip is being planned to see the show The Confession. If you are interested and able to attend the April 27th showing, please sign up or email Tammy Snyder no later than Sunday, February 11th.  Cost is $65.50 pp which covers the lunch and the show.  We will have lunch at 11:30 and then head to the show for the 1:00 presentation, which is in the same building. For accounting purposes, monies would need to be paid (to Doubling Gap COG) before the end of February.

You can check out the Bird in Hand Restaurant  by clicking on the link or by going to  

See a review of the play below.

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