We are a 50+ group eager to share faith, fun, and fellowship.  Anyone 50 and older can be a Perennial!  For more information or to be added to group emails, see Tammy Snyder. 


Upcoming Events:

Please consider joining us for as many activities as you are able. Don’t feel as though you need to make every event in order to participate!


The East Broad Top is many things — a delightful family destination, a National Historic Landmark, a great volunteer opportunity, an unparalleled preservation undertaking, and more. The railroad, which was built beginning in 1872, is the only surviving three-foot gauge common carrier railroad east of the Rocky Mountains. Now, we are proud to offer visitors from around the world the opportunity to experience America’s industrial past.

Friday, October 20, 2023We will also plan a stop for an early lunch (11:00) at the Hidd’n Valley Restaurant, which is about 4 miles from the Railroad.  You may also drive directly to the railroad and meet us there for our 1:00 train ride.


It’s Christmas at the Mistletoe Lodge! What could be more perfect than a Hollywood film production company coming to shoot a Christmas Special right there in the little town of Mistletoe?! Well, let’s just say, things don’t go quite as planned. With the help of the staff and local friends of the Lodge, you will learn that things don’t have to be perfect to be meaningful.

In The Not So Perfect Christmas, you will enjoy beautiful music and dance, lots and lots of laughter, and a telling of the actual Christmas story that shows us, once again, that the most significant moments can come from the most unexpected places.

On Friday, December 8, the group will travel to Camp Hill to see the musical drama “The Not So Perfect Christmas.